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12) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl:t temp:y

Defence of the Defender's [own] reputation. We now come to consi Reputation is the only remaining quarter in which
a man can be attacked - We now then come lastly
to consider whether Protection of a man's self against
an attack made upon his reputation ought also to
operate as an exemption in favour of an act of
the sort in question. [an act of temporary disablement]
This case still less simple than either of the former — why- This case is not near so simple as either of the
former. The reason will soon appear from what
has been already on a former occasion remarked concerning the
word Reputation. Reputation is a substantive
of the improper kind; the entity it characterises is the name of
is not a real but a fictitious entity - A man's person, his
property, [I mean here any thing, any portion of
meatter in which he can be said to have a property,
]is are real entities. On this account we
are not to be surprized that the notion of an attack
upon reputation bears wears a s an as such altogether
different from that of an attack either
upon person or upon property. To attack a man's person or
his property, is immed [I speak not here of incorporeal
property] is either immediately or intermmediately
to touch them - What reputation [speaking
literally] is not any thing that can be touched.
What is it then that is really done when a man's
reputation is said to be attacked?

Attack upon reputation - what A man's reputtation is said to be attacked,[or a man
is said to be attacked in his reputations,] when by words
or other signs such ideas are raised in the minds of
m persons on whom his happiness may chance to depend, as have

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