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14) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl:t temp:y.

— not where the mischief in view is in-determinate Here however it will be proper to make a distinction
respecting the mischief which the attack [upon reputation]
might have in view to produce, or which
[might be the probable effect.] the party attacked
might have reason to think would be the probable
effect of it. This mischief may be either
general, that is indeterminate, or else special, that is determinate. I call it indeterminate
when it consists in the privation of
those indeterminate benefits whatever they may
chance to be which the party seemed likely to in a
way to derive from the good offices will of any persons in general [are] when
[in the course of his will life [ he was likely to
have to deal with] any it was likely that in
the course of his life any part of his happiness
might come to depend.

I call it determinate when it consists in the
privation of some determinate benefit which
the party was in a way to obtain at some determinate conjuncture at the
hands of some determinate person.

Now then where the mischief likely to ensue
was only of the indeterminate kind it is not
in the nature of any act thing that a man oould do short of those what is abovementioned
to disable his adversary from making
such an attack. The utmost he could do would
be for a trifling space of time to suspend the
execution of it. He might seize on the defamer in the act of speaking, he might catch the import of the sentence before it was concluded, and before it could be have made itself perceptible to a stranger. He might put his hand before the other's mouth. But this would answer little purpose: He might stop his mouth, with
his hand: but the instant the hand were removed, the disablement

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