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19) Pers: Inj:s Dosab:t temp.y (19

Reputation Inconveniences are
of such an allowance as abovementioned.

pretty generally susceptible of proof. That This is by
no means equally the case with att injuries to reputation.
That such another man beat such another
man, or that such a man took and carried away
such a thing, is what if the party heat injured
be permitted to give evidence, or if any other person
unexceptionable and witness were present at the
transaction easily enough demonstrated: but that
words which were not spoken werea sentence deren story, which was not finished, would if finished
have been to such an effect, that words which
were not spoken would if spoken have amounted
to defamation, i:e: to such a story relation to
a man's prejudice [as is marked not by the Law
for punishment,] is what cannot be committed to any
one to judge if without allowing great latitude to
his opino discretion. Abundant are the things
which a man would not like to hear, and which however
for the sake of others it is of very fitting should
be told of him. In the case above supposed, the
story report which upon if in cases of true false the woman's giving credit to it
would have been of so much mischief to their credit
the man if false probably to the woman herself if
she had heard and credited it, might have if would probably be
true have such that of it were
equal mischief might have insured to her in case
of her not being apprised of it.

To Ins.n 33

On the whole therefore it appears that more mischief than benefit would probably ensue from the allowing
a man to defend his reputation by against an all verbal attack a counter-attack an attack upon
the person of the defamer; that is according to the phraseology
we set out with, from constituting the defence of our from constituting the defence.

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