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31) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl:t temp.y

Where a ground of exemption was imagined to subsist but falsely. punishment altogether; otherwise not. To this it may be answerd 1
that if this were the case men would be induced to
in a sincere but erroneous persuasion which in
many cases, wher had they been stimulated by the fear of punishment,
they might have been induced to correct it <add>rectify it:</add>. 2dly. tThat
it would not be difficult to counterfeit such a persuasion
where it did not really cost by their discourse of by the manner of deportment , which might impose [in the witness & through pain] on the Judge: at least
[what would produce come to the same thing the same mischief] people in
general would not think it difficult to counterfeit it.
[Another thing ad] 3dly that the punishment, although
in any case the persuasion should be [supposed to be] invincible, and
although the circumstances were such that there was no
chance that of it's the apprehension of it should answer the
purpose if prevention at worst would at worst not not or at least need not be so much misery
running to wh waste: it would not if that mode
of punishment were adopted which is capable of being
turned to the profit of the party injured. Allowing
B. the defender in such a case to be innocent, so also was C. the claimant
the party to whom D. did this injury. The pain evil
introduced into society by this unwarrantable attack
as it has proved of C's somebddy must bear suffer. If not D. an innocent man, C. must another innocent
man. The question is, which of them. If C. does, then B. as far as he does D. need not. If C. no good
can come of the pain at all. If D. there is a
chance at least that other others persons in his circumstances
may , by the fear of the punishment which he
is made to suffer, be renderd more cautious than he

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