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1) Personal Injuries Simp Disablement Aggravating circumstances &c .

The 3d head we have undertook to touch upon is
that of the several circumstances which of aggravation which
have when they occur, having the effect of ranking
an act of the sort in question under a different
denomination. There are so many conditions of the
sufferer which are liable to result from an
act of that sort, and which when they do result from
it are productive of new pains. On this account
they are termed circumstances of aggravation :
as the effect they have is to aggravate the him mischievousness
of the [offence.] obnoxious act.

There are Circumstances of this description there are
[4. 3.] Disablement, Disfigurement and Mutilation.
[and Death. Qu.] And with these

The mischief they are of [depends upon their duration] will be greater or less according to their duration.
With respect to their duration [they may any of them
be either temporary or perpetual.] the two first of
them may be either temporary or perpetual. The
lastter can not [+] [+] in any instance (such is man's nature be otherwise than perpetual.

Disablement. A man may be disabled, said to be personally disabled, to have sufferd
disablement, personal disablement when [by virtue of the any action of any physical substance upon any part of his body] he has
been made to love the us power of exercise of exercising any
corporal faculty.

Disfigurement. A man is may be said to be disfigured, to have suffer'd
disfigurement , when [by virtue of any action of any substance

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