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2) Personal Injuries. Disablement &c. Aggravating circumstances.

Disfigurement. substance on any part of his body his figure or external
appearance has been renderd less pleasing than
it was before.

Mutilation. A man may be said to be mutilated or maimed,
to have undergone suffer'd mutilation or maiming, when
by means of the loss of a part member of the substance
of his body he has been made to lose in whole or in part the exercise
of any corporal faculty.

Difference between the three. [From this account of the three abovementioned operations ,
it appears that] disablement may be
without disfigurement, and disfigurement without
disablement. It is maiming when both happen together.

Why treated as circumstances rather than as separate events. I [speak of] [consider] treat these several wants rather as circumstances
than as separate events, because they may there is
no one of them but may be an the effect of one and
the same [physical] act as is calculated to produce a simple
organical pain of sufferance.

Mischiefs of Disablement. Individually consider'd nothing can be more uncertain
than the pains it is in the nature of these several
events to produce. be attended with. In specia kind those pains are
respectively as follows.
[+] [+] v. Inserenda p. 5. The pains mischiefs therefore that are liable to resulting from Disablement are either may be distinguished into positive
or negative. The positive are in the first place all those pains
of whatever kind to from which had it not been for the
disablement the sufferer might have guarded himself,
and which in consequence of the disablement he actually

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