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3) Personal Injuries. Disablement &c. Aggravating circumstances.

Disablement Mischiefs of becomes subject to. 2dly The pain of apprehension grounded on the
prospect of those such pains.

The negative are mischief consists in the loss of all those pleasures
of whatever kind which had it not been for the disablement the
sufferer might have enjoy procured himself.

Organical Pains acute )( unpleasant Organical Pains may be distinguished into 1st acute. 2dly
unpleasant. The distinguished distinction between the
two classes is readily enough apprehended I imagine
upon the mention of their names. Neither of them
Being however simple perceptions the import of
their names can not be made convey'd by definition.
An example or two must suffice. A The pain
produced by a wound given with a sword, or by
a bruise given with a large stick is of the acute
kind. That produced by the application of a cold
liquid, by a noisome smell, or potion by the continual pressure
of a moderate weight is of the unpleasant

Pain of ignominy apt to be a consequence of the latter. Those of the unpleasant kind are more peculiarly apt to
be attended follow'd by an incidental pain of a very different nature
under certain circumstances which on that account
where they obtain may be added to the number of those which with respect to [the [ act that
is the immediate object of the intent of which a
pain of this kind is an intermediate object]. a pain of ye former sort may be stiled
aggravating circumstances. By This incidental pain I
mean the Pain of ignominy.

Circumstances in which depends on. These circumstances are so various and so minute as scarcely to be described comprized
collected under any material description. in a regular definition. the chief of them however seem to be

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