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5) Personal Injuries — Aggravating circumstances

Ignominy — why the effect of certain personal injuries. him to suffer from such an outrage as is here
supposed, exemplified is a question which it will not be necessary
in this place fully to discuss. It is sufficient
that the fact is so. Among the faculties qualities that
enable a man to render himself useful to himself
and others an important one even at the time of day still, tho now not of quite so
much importance as under the present system of
manners as in more antient times, is strength
of body. In This quality, an outrage of the sort that
has been mentioned, if a man has been compelled
to endure it, serves to shew him to be deficient in.
The laws how powerful soever are not present always to protect him Person. Inj: dissipate the Prestige of Rank This is the case if it be If a man be not deficient
in mere organical strength, it is still worse
for him to be deficient in that strength of mind
that courage, which is requisite it to enable him to
exert the former. The want of this latter quality is of a nature
to diminish his power of rendering himself useful to
and [himself and] others still more than of that. the former. By this mental defect, the whatever quantity of organical strength he is master of, he is more or less much or little may be render'd unless] of no use.

— Why of the unpleasant rather than of the acute. It has already been observed that injuries of the unpleasant
kind are more apt of a nature to [bring on] [subject the suffering
party to contempt] bring contempt on him who
is made to suffer them than injuries of the acute
kind are. And In gener addition to this it may observed
that personal injuries are more of a nature to have this effect the
more they [approach to] partake of the nature of those which are simply unpleasant,
and the more farther they recede from such as
are acute. A slight stroke with a switch or
cane is looked upon as an insult outrage of a more ignominious

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