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6) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

— Why of the unpleasant, rather than of the acute. kind than a heavy blow with a large bludgeon, a
kick behind more ignominious still, and spittle spitting
in the face more ignominious perhaps than either.
And in general it seems that the [Pain of] Ignominy
that is apt to result from an outrage of this
sort is the greater, the less the mere organical pain
is. A violent and sudden assault with a sharp or heavy weapon
is what any no man whatever be his strength or spirit
what it will can be proof against: it is what any
man [may must be forced to] sink under. If a man submitts
With regard to any unpleasant train of sensations if
a man or any unpleasant situation if a man is
made to bear endure it for any length of time, it shews
that he has not wants either the force or the courage spirit to defend
himself against the injuries. With regard to a single sudden &
transient act outrage injury of this kind it might be thought
that the reason above given does not hold good, since
it might happen to any man whatever his strength
or spirit might be to undergo it an injury of this kind from any other
man whatever might be his weakness who should
come upon him unawares. The being made to undergo an injury of this kind would not therefore be thought to be a proof of his a man's wanting either strength or spirit. But though superior strength
though it guarded a man from a continuance of an
injury of the sort in question could not guard defend him
by the power of mere resistance from the frequent repetition of them at intervals.

But it is not as by the exertion of mere defensive resisting strength that a
man guards himself from pain the attacks of his
fellow creatures and other sensitive animals beings. The power
of inflicting pain in them is another use he has
to put make of his strength to and one that is still more efficacious

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