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8) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

Unpleasant Personal injuries of the ignominious kind more apt to excite Revenge, than those of the acute. agreably to what has been already noticed mentioned, that the more
acute and violent the pain is which a man has
been made to suffer by an outrage of this sort, the
less apt he is to recur to these extraordinary irregular and
extra legal expedients resources: the he rather seeks a satisfaction
and a protection from the Law. A man
who has been violently attacked and dangerously hurt thinks
it no shame disgrace to go openly and claim the interposition
of the Law: while, for a trifling slight touch
which perhaps as an organical pain he could scarce
feel, he thinks of no other satisfaction than what he
hopes to procure himself by his own hand.][This owing to the Law. as it stands at present. I am
apt to think the cause if this remarkable difference
is to be found in great measure at least if not altogether in the Law. Against injuries
of the contumelious kind a man can hope to find
scarce any, certainly not an adequate protection.
fro in the Law: from the manner in which it
has been the custom to administer it. On the other hand for an outrage
injury of the acute kind (where only the body suffers) a man has reason to
expect that an adequate punishment will be inflicted
on the offender. The idea which Unhappily to the idea of most ac
injuries of the unpleasant class are apt to excite, are <add>is </add>
unhappily of the ridiculous kind.</del> the sentiment of ridicule
is apt to be attacked. [+] [+] Legislation the provident and umimpassioned [hand] of Legislation, has never [aimed at providing] th attempted to take this topic into consideration. This sentiment engrosses The sentiment above mentioned
the affections of Judges, diverts themir attention from the it's legitimate
object, and prevents them from seeing into the
true exten quality and magnitude of the mischief
which it is in the nature of such an outrage to produce.

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