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9) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

Injuries ignominious. Imperfection of the Law in this behalf. Injuries of this kind greater than Judges are aware. This mischief is much greater than many may be
aware. Consider'd sin Men consider think only of a single
act, and do not sufficiently consider the [situation conse
of him who feels himself exposed to a repetition] consequences
of being exposed to a repetition. I An error
however that we may be apt to fall into on the
other side in judging of this subject it will may be proper
here to guard against. An error it would be
in considering those consequences properties of an act of this
nature which have contributed to give it the effect
of casting ignominy on [the sufferer] him on whom
it is exercised, to number reckon that ignominy itself among
those consequences. Previous to those sentiments of contempt to be the object of which constitutes the ignominy must have existed What is requisite is to on The ignominy sentiment of contempt is founded
the calamitous situation which the object of it must the observation of which
have been placed it was that drew on him that
contempt. I will not therefore mention the pain resulting from the ignominy
which a man is exposed to who without redress
has undergone been known to sustained an injury of this kind as
a part of that mischief which Judges in settling
the quantum of punishment ought at first to have
taken into consideration: a part [a pain] which
had the settlement made apportionment made by those Magistrates originally a right settlement in that behalf
been originally a proper competent one would never, at
least according to the notion I have been advancing
have existed. I will consider only
the organical pain itself, and the pain of apprehension
[grounded thereupon] that would unavoidably

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