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10) Personal Injuries. Aggravat:d circumst.s

Injuries ignominies of this kind greater than Judges are aware. -ably arise out of the other. L Now let the organical
pain produced by a single act or in a single course
of action be ever so [trifling] slight and inconsiderable,
the long continuance & frequent repetition of it, may of itself
much more when the pain of apprehension is added
to it, be sufficient to fill any in the life of any
man with intolerable bitterness. A Such a continuance or repetition is
well enough known among boys children by the name of hazing; [Teazing] among
whom it is apt to be practised sometimes indeed
out of mere sport and wantonness, but sometimes too
from enmity. Men when grown up are more
steady in their resentments affections of the vindictive
as of every other kind; and therefore would be more steady
also in the pursuit employment of the means of gratifying
them. Let any one who when a child has known
what it is to be teazed, think what he would take
to be so treated to the degree and for the time that
in might be in the power of a man stronger than himself to teaze him,
and then say whether any injury of the acute
kind could nearly come near is to be compared to
that of which I am speaking. But the influence of a
single man might engage many others as associates in such a plan in a like
train of persecution. So that a man might be tormented to a degree of suffering superior
to any thing we can conceive might be by
a train of acts each of which when proposed mentioned
singly might excite no other sentiment in him to whom
it should belongs to apply a preventive punishment than
that of mirth and ridicule. The effects seductive influence of ridicule on
the minds of Judges has been long ago observed. "Solvuntur risu tabulae, tu missus ubibis." [The Inserenda p. 24]

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