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11) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

Disablement — Disfigurement — Mutilation. Their mischiefs similar. The same account that has been given of the mischiefs
to which a man is exposed by an [act of] Disablement,
may serve in general for those to which
he is respectively exposed by [acts of] Disfigurement
or Mutilation.

Mischiefs of Disablement. What the mischiefs are [in general] that may result from perpetual disablement
may [in general] easily be imagined. They
will differ in magnitude according to the importance
of the member that is disabled. But let the part
be the same in two men, the importance of it they it will differ infinitely
in as in magnitude in point of importance accordingly to to the
infinitely different occasions which they make
respectively have to make use of it. A In general
the hand seems to be of more importance than
the foot. But to a Porter as such a foot may is be of as
much importance as a hand: to a Taylor his
hands are every thing: while to a Seaman hands
and feet are of equal and indispensable importance.

Among Our Saxon ancestors as well as most of their contemporaries upon
the continent, every member had it's settled value.
and this value was the same almost for every
man with little if any regard to his rank, and none to
his occupation. The settling of this chimerical tarif
constituted a great no inconsiderable part of the code of Laws business of the Legislator.
Nothing could be worse contrived whether conf
This value was expressed by the sum of money
which was to be paid by the injurer according
to the part disabled. Whether compensation or prevention
were the end in view, nothing could be worse contrived:

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