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12) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

Mischiefs of Disablement. contrived. If the sum fixed upon could be such as
in every instance could be sufficient adequate to both those
purposes, in many cases it would be a great deal abundantly
too great: but if any sum at all were fixed it was
much more apt to err not near so apt to err by being too great as by being too little. on the plus as on the minus side A One
man's whole fortune might not be sufficient to pay
the price of an inconsiderable joint: while another a rich
man whose pockets were well lined, might if he
were he so disposed, might give himself the satisfaction amusement of maiming
a whole neighbourhood.

Mischiefs of Disfigurement. The mischiefs of disfigurement are [of still more
difficult aestimation.] still more difficult to aestimate.
Under disfigurement the faculties remain entire: no
other change as the term imports is induced on the person other than the an
loss alteration in point of figure. This alteration is (by the supposition) always for the worse,
but how much for the worse depends upon the nature
of the wound and upon the part affected. The way
in which a man comes to suffer by disfigurement
independently of the organical pain that may have preceded
it is this. A part of the goodwill that is born a
man by the society in which he lives depends upon the
[idea that is entertained of his person] [pleasingness or
unpleasingness of his person] pleasing or unpleasing idea
that is entertained by by others of his person. Whatever
reason there may be for wishing it were otherwise, the
fact is undeniable: every act incident that renders his
person less agreable has a tendency to deprive him of
a portion of this goodwill. If any one should be disposed
to deny this, let him tell us why else he would look

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