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14) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

D Disablement Disfigurement & Mutilation — how they differ in description & effects To obviate doubts it seems to may be of use to enter
a little more particularly into the explanation of distinction
the appearances between the several injuries that are here characterised
by the names of Disablement Disfigurement and

Disablement of such a sort as to be perpetual can
seldom take place without some degree of Disfigurement.
A man may lose indeed the use of a limb as by a wound
which when healed will leave very little no mark behind
it worth nothing: as for the instance by the cutting
of an artery. But if the use of the limb be quite
gone that limb will be grow smaller, the proportion between
that and the corresponding limb will be changed, and
the whole figure suffer very considerably.

What acts amount to Disfigurement only & what to Mutilation. By limbs we mean the two legs and the two arms: but any single
joint of these is stiled a member. The yard and the
two testicles seem each of them to come properly under that
denomination; as likewise do the two eyes, the two ears, and
the nose. Acts however which have the effect of
extirpating these several members do not seem all of them with equal
propriety to merit the name of mutilation. For they do
not equally put an end to the exercise of a corporeal
function. The extirpation of a single testicle does not the penis puts an end to
the faculty of copulation coition as well as to that of generation.
The extirpation of a testicle the two testicles puts
an end to the faculty of g generation but not to that of
coition. The extirpation of a single testicle unless the
single one happens already to be the only one, does
not put an end so much as to the faculty of generation:

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