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15) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

What acts amount to Disfigurement & what to Mutilation. -tion: I know not whether it is clear that it even sensibly
impairs it. The extirpation of an both eyes, puts a
total end to the sense faculty of seeing: the extirpation of
a single eye impairs indeed that faculty, but, unless that single one
be the only one does not in any very great degree. the
sense faculty abovementioned: such a misfortune is of
more consequence in the way of disfigurement than
of disablement. The extirpation of the external ear does is not found
to put an end to, nor I believe in any sensible degree
so much as to impair the faculty of hearing. It subjects
the sufferer to no other inconvenience than those resulting
from disfigurement. The amputation of the nose
impairs, I believe, in a certain degree, but does not utterly by any means put an end to
the faculty of smelling. The faculty of smelling being that
which is of less consequence than any other, the principal
inconvenience resulting from the amputation of
the nose is the disfigurement: to which may be added
that resulting from the trickling of the mucus, which may
be consider'd as an almost continual though slight
pain uneasiness of the organical kind.

The A tooth can hardly be reputed since it is connected
A tooth, connected as it is with the head by nerves
and blood vessels can hardly be refused the appellation name of
a member. It differs indeed from all other members
in that by being capable of reproduction under certain
circumstances: that in this it differs not from a lobster's
claw which can as little with as little reason be refused the title appellation
of a limb as a man's leg or arm. A tooth how- By the extirpation
of a single tooth however the faculty of mastication
is by no means put an end to: it is but in a slight degree

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