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16) Personal Injuries Aggravating circumstances.

What acts amount to Disfigurement, & what to Mutilation. degree impaired: it is not put an end to even by the extirpation
of every tooth in the head. the jaw-bone in some
degree [measure] supplies their place.

Disablemt: Disfiguremt: & Mutilat.n — how they differ in respect of mischievousness. With regard to Let us now take a short view of the comparative mischief attending of these several
misfortunes. That which attends upon injuries mutilation
of the unpleasant kind is the least seems to be the greatest; that which attends
upon disablement disfigurement the next greatest
below after these come the mischiefs respectively attendant
upon [the several calamities of] disablement, simple injuries
of the acute kind and injuries of the unpleasant kind.
It is very difficult to place know where to place
that which alters belongs to is the consequence of contumelious personal
injuries: the pain they produce is so disparate
to the sort of pain produced by the others; and the magnitude
of it depends in no small degree great measure upon circumstances
that are not of an universal nature but
vary with are various in various ages and nations.
I mean the differences in the degree of contempt
which in different ages and nations men are disposed
to feel for persons who have [had a misfortune]
to be subject to these such outrages unavenged.

When I rank In ranking the mischiefs respectively produced by the
above calamities in the order here given, I would not
be understood to mean that the lowest degree of mischief that is of the mischief
ever produced by that offence which stands highest in the scale
is greater than the highest degree of the mischief that is
produced by the offence next below it. The mischiefs
done respectively produced by these several class divisions of personal injuries
rise one above another by insensible gradations.
The more atrocious instances of an offence of a lower class

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