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17) Personal Injuries. Aggrav.

Disablement,  : & Mutil.n — how they differ in respect the degree of mischievousness. class rise higher than the less atrocious instances of one
of <add>the class</add> [that stands [next] above it. There are pains of the unpleasant acute
kind, that may exceed some pains of the acute kind.
There are pains cares where the whole mass of organical
pain resulting
pains of the acute kind [taking
into the account the whole mass organical pain
resulting from one act] may exceed those resulting
from slight disfigurements: and so on with respect
to disablement and mutilation. All that ought to I
would wish to be understood from the climax in which
they stand here arranged is, that the mean quantity
of mischief produced by an offence offences of the class that stands below above
is less greater than the mean quantity produced by these
of a class above.

May have &c. why distinguished by different titles .

Reasons for giving different names to this is one and general reason and the principal one why it seemed the above different kinds of Injuries. It is for this reason that it seems of use to characterize
these different classes by so many different
names. The mischiefs produced by them: being unequal,
unequal means punishments of different
degrees of magnitude seem requisite to prevent oppose to them.
Not that the distinctions between all these several classes are
of equal consequence: the grand line of distinction is
between such whereof the mischief is in its nature [of a] transient temporary,
and such whereof the mischief is on [of a] its nature
perpetual permanent [nature]. The perpetuity duration of these latter
is a
The degree of magnitude which these
latter acquird derive from the dimension of duration is such
as gives them a remarkable preponderance over the remaining From the dimension of duration these latter acqui possess

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