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21) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl.t temporary.

Further reason where the attack is carried or by other signs than words. his person. Even here if the instrument were of
the multipliable kind, if it were a printed copy
for instance of a paper, it is not the seizing any
thing less than the whole impression that could
have the effect. Were it even of a kind not
multipliable, as a written paper, even here such
a licence would be of no great avail. If Were he
were to destroy it, it could not [be made to] appear that it
was of the nature he alledged it to be: the matter
of justification in that case could not be proved.
Were he to keep it it might then indeed be given
in proof, but the giving it in proof would
make it as public as the defamer himself coud
have wished to render it.

For these reasons where the mischief in view to
be done by defamation so expressed was only of the indeterminate
kind, there could be little use it should seem in permitting
the party injured to take this method of
securing himself. If determinate such a permission
might indeed be of more use in the few cases
in which it could be put in practise: but
these cases in this instance as well as in that
of verbal defamation believe to be so few, that
the mischief of disallowing sum of inconvenience resulting from the disallowance of such a mode of defence
would be upon the whole but slight: they it
would probably therefore bear but a small ratio
to the inconvenience of the general rule that must
be made for the purpose of the allowance.

In this case too the mischief resulting from the disallow-

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