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23) Pers:l Inj:s Disabl:t temp.y

Protection of another against an attack upon his person. a good cause of exemption We come now to consider the reasons why Protection
of this another man against an attack
upon his person ought to operate as an exemption
in favour of an act of temporary disablement.
This topic however seems not to require
any separate discussion. The reasons that apply
to the case of Self-defence, of Protection of one's self, apply with
equal force it should seem to this. In both cases
alike the mischief of defence [seems] is of a nature to to be less
than the mischief of attack.

so against an attack upon his property. The same thing may be observed with respect
to the Protection of another against an attack
upon his property. These are the same reasons
why this case should operate as an exemption.

But not against an attack upon his reputation. For From the same reasons also as were given with
respect to the defence of one's own person self
against an attack upon one's reputation it
appear seems to follow that the defence of another
against the like attack ought not to
operate [as an exemption.] in this manner. to this effect.

In these latter cases however where the it is to another's and not to one's self that the protection
is afforded the Law as it stands with us makes several distinctions
which do not seem to be founded in utility.
These will be consider'd in their proper place.

Upon the whole then, the following are the cases
which ought as it should seem to operate a total
exemption in favour of an act of temporary disablement.

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