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Inserenda. 13) Personal Injuries.

Errors. Strictures Mayhem. [From p. 8] pronounced upon by before a numerous audience, there
seemed as little danger of a false judgment upon
the question whether a man was maimed or no
as upon the question whether he was of a certain age or no.
I give these reason as reasons why that seem more
likely than any others to have been given, if any
reasons at all were ever given, at for the establishment of this eccentric
practise: not that they in themselves were good for
any thing. In the first place if a man's exhibiting
his own person be the bearing witness in his
own cause it is just as much so in the one case
as in the other. If the rule holds good in every case
that come within it, and this case is among of
the number of those that come within it, such inspection
ought at in neither case to be recurred to.
In the next place, whatever reason there may be for
permitting the Judges to determine by the assistance
of their own senses whether a person is damage is
done to a person or no, there is however no better nor other reason than what
there is for permitting these same persons to determine by the
same assistance whether damage is done to a thing
or no: the thing being supposed as portable as the
person. But this has never in no instance been
ever done.

Ignominious injuries. Mischief of. Where the outrage a man has sustained is violent
and the pain of it acute, that pain may naturally
be supposed to have been the end which the author
had in view. There appears enough of it to satiate
the enmity that was the inducement to the outrage: the

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