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14 Personal Injuries. Aggravat:g circumstances.

Inferenda - Ignominious Injuries - Mischief of.intention of hurting may be presumed to have had its
effect: the outrage has the appearance of being the
effect of a sudden passion which having thus vented
itself may be expected to subside. A simple organical
pain appears to be the pain and the only
sort of pain which it was the intention to produce.

Signal of future outrages Ex. Boys at School. The less out violent the outrage, the less acute
the pain which it has appears to have been was to appearance intended
to occasion, the less probable it will appear
that the production of that pain should have been the sole only end in view.
The more organical pain that is likely to be
produced by such an act as that of pulling a man
by the nose, or spitting in his face is so slight
that no one can well suppose it to be sufficient to
satiate a resentment of such strength as resentment
must be in order to prompt a man to make
an attack upon another person. It is plain therefore
that the injurer has something further in view.
The insult he has been offering was intended not
so much as to produce a present pain as the dread of future.
It was intended as an assertion of superiority. [to let
the injured person know] as he a testimony that he the
sufferer [scrupled -feared not] dared to put himself in a state
of war with the person whom he has thus outraged, &
that he [to shew] of the outrage were submitted to, that
he had it in his power to inflict on him all those
pains sufferings which a man of superior strength
and boldness has is able it in his power to inflict upon a feeble enemy.

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