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Inserenda. 15) Personal Injuries. Aggravating circumstances.

Ignominious Injuries — Mischief of. The dread which a man may lie under of being
thus dealt with is of the a pain of that sort to which
we have given the name of a Pain of Apprehension.
This pain it is that constitutes that together
with the Pain of Ignominy constitutes at any rate by far
the greater part in some cases almost the whole of the whole mass of mischief which
it is the nature of an outrag injury of this description
to produce in the sufferer person who is
the an object of it.

One lot of mischief there which it is in the nature of an injury
of this kind to produce is a Pain of Apprehension, grounded in
an indeterminate and unlimited prospect of organical pains. Another
is a pain of a distinct nature distinct either from organical pains, or To 30.

Disfigurement. Mischief of. It is obvious that the mischief of the disfigurement
is less or greater or less in the first place as the part disfigured is more
or less exposed to view: [in the next place as the part
is more or less characteristic of the person.]

Personal Inj:s Mischief reflex or public. The reflex tralatitious pain that is felt upon the infliction of an
injury of this kind, like that which is felt upon any
other injury [that is the object of punishment
for which the Law has provided a punishment is
inversely as the of the certainty of so
much punishment being applied as shall [be sufficient
to prevent it] form a restrictive motive stronger than
the motive which impells to the commission of it.

Exemptive circumstances — Consent. Another circumstance that seems fit to operate as another
[way of exemption] character of an exemptive
circumstance is the consent of the party suffering:
this consent being supposed free, and not extorted
by an a pain of any kind which the author of
the suffering had no right to inflict. It is true
indeed that there in this case notwithstanding he consent there
is pain just as much as there would be without: the it consent

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