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Inserenda. 21) Personal Injuries.

Exempt. circumstances. Consent -us is the only one the Law has to trust to: he will
have the motive of revenge. The case however
seems to be that whatever mischief there be in the nature of an
act of the sort in question under the circumstance
in question it were better ++the mischief should go unchecked and the act go it should go unpunished
altogether than punished by the procurement of
the pretended sufferer. Revenge it is true is a motive
of a less sordid nature than here; and more a fit to
coalesce and be confounded to confound itself with the rare and respectable
motive of public spirit. This latter The motive however
[of public spirit] is a one motive that can not applies
not more to the sufferer than to any other man
of the community; and as the motive of revenge
is that which applies to him of all others and is either to him alone or at least to him more forcibly
than to any other, and with respect to whomsoever it applies to is
much the more natural and frequent motive of+ +[and still more appears to be]
the two, [and appears to be so still more than it
is] it is to that always that the prosecution will almost
always be imputed. Every instance then in which
the sufferer in this way steps forth to prosecute the author of the
suffering will appear be generally regarded, and that with
great appearance of justice as an instance of one act of perfidy
to which the Law has given birth. Either therefore a Public
Officer should be appointed to prosecute in this as well as
in many other cases, to prosecute or no prosecution
[at all] should be at all permitted.


either of the Attorney General to interfere in the punishment
of a private an injuryies done to an individuals
unless or determinate bodyies of individuals, unless in the
case where that those individuals is a or or the members of theose bodyies
are sharers in the Government.

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