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24) Personal Injuries. Inserenda.

Exemptive circumstances. Consent. particularly to any of these than it does to Death. Indeed if the
weapon and be such in any case as seems likely calculated to
produce any of these effects, it will appear in general
with much more probability to have been designed to produce [that of] Death.

Among Injuries unpleasant, are acts not in themselves unpleasant.
An action which a man would be very apt to exercise
in himself, & which if exercised by himself
would not by any means be unpleasant, is unpleasant
perhaps highly so, is an injury if exercised on him
by another. This is owing to the imagination.

Injuries ignominious
— Why
apt to be punished
less than they deserve.
From Aggrav. p. 10. Judges are men; and it is not in men's nature, easily
to bring themselves to punish as they laugh.
In this behalf [then] Judges need the calm and
wholesome admonition of some wholes positive and standing Law
to remind them of their duty. Till this desideratum
is accomplished, and so long as men continue
to have no better assurance grounds than they have had
hitherto for persuading themselves that Judges will
deal by the offence of this kind as the mischievousness
of them requires, persons whose lot it is
to be objects of such injuries will feel them the
more [severely] as knowing that the Law affords
them no adequate protection.

In consequence of this weakness, In this behalf men are left in a great measure as
in a state of nature: no wonder if they act accordingly.
If they the Law will not give them redress
no wonder if they find seek it for themselves.

It is So imperfectly is Punishment as yet separated
from Anger From Out of Anger and Anger
alone that grew Punishment at the beginning. Even still The
latter continues but too firmly rooted to it's parent stock

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