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Inserenda. 25 Personal Injuries.

In such a case when I see a Judge laugh, especially
if the parties themselves be the objects, I have little
expectation that [in that cause] justice will be done

Injuries ignominious — Why apt to be less punish'd than they deserve. stock. The separation between them is as yet but
very imperfect in the breasts of Judges: even of
Judges by profession: much less more of such those
chance-comers, whom our own Law not without the
best of reasons, [makes choice of] calls to the
exercise of a part of certain parts in that important office. [Hence
in a one he can punish a Judge finds it necessary
in a manner to give the reins on in
some measure even a spur to the irascible affections,
and to work himself into a fit of indignation,
and make himself as it were an enemy to the
delinquent] Hence unless a Judge can scarcely
bring himself to punish without he has [worked himself
up] wound himself up to a certain pitch of anger
indignation, and brought himself to be angry with
the delinquent. [A man must be angry, or as the phrase is he can
not find it in his heart to punish.

Where the punishment is fixed bef already by whether by the written or
written Law is fixed, beforehand, and the mischief is not
great. If the delinquent be convicted his punishment
follows is of course. Convicting being but which is
a declaration of but giving an opinion and which if given falsely is a flagrant breach of morality is what may
bring themselves to do without being angry. But
if it is discretionary, and remains to be settled
by the Judge, there it may be said however paradoxical
it may seem, that if there is no anger,
there is little chance for Justice. It is scarce possible for

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