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Inserenda 27) Personal Injuries. (27

Injuries ignominious — Why apt to be punish'd less than they deserve. the punishment in the cases above supposed: since
I be there are few persons, I believe, at least of the rank of
Gentleman, who would not be ready to agree that
they should feel much more from the latter outrage
than from the former.

It is scarce necessary I hope to observe, that I
lay no stress on the precise sums which I have been
obliged to be to assume at hazard for those which
in the cases I have supposed it seemed probable to me that the aggressor injurer would be made
to pay. I can not pretend to any thing like
certainty about in a matter than which in it's nature
nothing can be more certain. All the truth
I mean to attribute to the above suppositions is as
much as would warrant me to infer what I am
satisfied is the case that of a number of persons
taken at hazard, more would be disposed to expect
the severest severer punishment and by much the severer
punishment in the former case than in the latter
whereas it is in the latter, that for the reasons above-mentioned
it seems to me the severer punishment
would be best employ'd.

Exemptive circumstances. Powers. It is not here the place To specify all the exemptive circumstances of this
class: that would be to specify all the cases in
which it is fit that persons of the above descriptions should be
left at liberty to inflict pains of the kind in
question on these correlatives, would be to lay down
the limits of the authority of powers respectively belonging to these persons.
Such a business [task] is too great to come in by the base as an
episode under a foreign title. It belongs to is a business of Constitutional

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