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28) Personal Injuries. Inserenda.

Exemptive circumstances. Powers. -nal Law, and will find it's proper place under
that title. It is Here then is a plan to make references
to the several titles of Law that are respectively characterized
by the names of these sorts of persons. It is sufficient
here for the purpose of this title to remark
that there are cases in which persons of those
descriptions are left at liberty in this behalf.
This is a title in which persons in general are

Disablement. Restraint physical x pathological. Disfigurement Hair. Disablement may result from Restraint 1st Physical
2d Moral or as it may be called more strictly perhaps pathological.
The one is by action on the body. The other is [ultimately]by
action on the mind. Cutting off the Head of Hair or Eyebrows an instance of
temporary disfigurement v. infra

Disablement permanent temporary x permanent. By the permanent disablement it some faculty is
destroy'd: by temporary disablement it is only
the exercise of a some faculty that is suspended; prevented
from exerting itself in some particular
act which the party disabled was supposed to have
it in his intention to perform. [It is but a special
disablement to a special purpose.]

v. Supra. Disablement may be effected in either of two ways. 1st by destroying
the force faculty itself: 2dly by opposing an unsurmountable obstacle
to the exercise of that faculty: by opposing a force
acting in an opposite direction. This opposite force
may be either physical or moral

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