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2 C Offences against one's Self

at large but [only] of danger only : the danger of other
persons following your example : the danger of other
persons doing themselves that mischief whatever it
be which you do yourself by committing the act
in question..][Among persons connected with you by
the has of sympathy , it is possible they may produce
pain : a pain resulting from the apprehension
of the mischief they conceive you about to do yourself;
a pain of sympathy : but this pain is of
a nature very different from and much more confined
in it's intent than the pain of apprehension
which results from those other offences of which the immediate
objects are other individuals : what pain they feel in this case [they
feel for you ; they feel not for themselves] it is not
on their own account they fee it , but on yours.

No more is it does it respect is it an objection
to the ranking an offence in this class that
by from the mischief you do yourself a mischief may result
to other persons that are as may come to be connected with you, and
that the prospect of such mischief may beget an
apprehension in such persons. If such mischief result
consist from the loss of your power of doing good to
others , the apprehension of it in those others who might
by possibility have been benefited by your services
is too distant and too faint to be put upon
a footing level with that which is grounded in the prospect
of your doing them position harm : if it result from [consist in] the danger of your acquiring the

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