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Offences against one's Self.

the propensity to do mischief, that propensity will
in order to carry itself into effect must be productive
of such acts as come under the one or another
of the several species of offendces offences against
other individuals.

In whatever way an offence of this class is
mischievous, if it be mischievous to the public in
the way of example it can only be so in proportion
as it is mischievous to the individual: the public
mischief of it can only be in proportion to the
private mischief. This however does not hinder but
that it may be right to [inflict use considerable efforts annex a considerable punishment]
for the sake of the public to suppress an offence of which
the mischief to the individual is scarce perceptible.
This may happen on two accounts: either 1. because
the mischief which is contingent only is even plainly wanting with
respect to a given individual, may be certain with
respect to a multitude of individuals: the extensiveness
of the mischief in this case compensating it's want
of certainty: It is not certain for instance that of two given persons set down to play at such or such a game, either of them will suffer any prejudice: but it may be certain (practically speaking) that if a thousand persons play at that game, many of them will do themselves essential prejudice. or 2. because the mischief which though
equal in every person it affects is too minute
to shew itself in the instance of any single person
becomes perceptible when it extends itself affects a
multitude at once: the extensiveness of the offence
mischief in this case makes up for its deficiency in point event of
magnitude. Thus Suicide if carried it spread prevailed
to a certain extent might by possibility prove
dangerous to the safety of the state.

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