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C Paederasty.

Distinction between physical impurity and moral
The propensity is stronger than there is [any] reason
to wish it should be, to confound moral impurity
and turpitude with physical impurity and
turpitude; from observing the former latter in any
case, especially when combined with pleasure, that is to impute the latter. When From a man, being thoroughly
averse to a practise himself the transition is but
too natural to his wishing to see it punished in
others, to see all others punished who [have the presumption
to] give in to it. Any pretence however
slight which promises to warrant him in
giving way to this propensity is eagerly embraced.
It is this cause which more perhaps than any
other, more even than pecuniary and interest
has contributed to produce the persecutions that have
been raised upon the ground of heresy.

Different men will have different opinions; but
for my own part I must confess I can not bring myself
to entertain so mean an opinion of the charms of the better
part of the species, or of the taste of the other as
to suppose it can ever be necessary to send a man to make love with a halter about his neck.

Antipathy no sufficient warrant
Non amo te Subedi: &c may be quite enough
when all the question only is whether one shall see Subidius or not in him: but when the question is whether
Subidius shall be burnt alive or let alone, the reasons which a man
that should be give for burning him alive may be expected
to be of a cast somewhat more satisfactory substantial.

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