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C Paederasty

According to some See Mirror des Justices book of old English Law entitled Mirroir des Justices. Ch. 1. Sect 4. & Ch. 4. Sect. 13. Ch.2. Sect. 11.
Whether it is an affront to God?
there are two sorts of High Treason
High Treason against God, the Celestial Heavenly Theory, and
High Treason against the earthly Theory: and this is
High Treason against God. According to this account
of the matter it is an offence scarce distinguishable
from that which the Titans were guilty of when they
rebelled revolted against Jupiter. Judge Fortescue, the an Earl
of Macclesfield Chancellor of England and other English sages of the English Law seem to have
given into this idea. Fortescue's Reports p. 9i Case of the King against Wiseman Judge Fortescue His Lordship shews how it
comes to be High Treason against the King of
Heaven. It is in the nature of a challenge [to fight]
of a challenge of which that Sovereign is the object: "a direct affront says he
"to the Author of Nature, an insolent expression of
"contempt of his wisdom, condemning the provision made
"by him, and defying it both it and him". According
to this account of the matter the offence should come fall
indifferently either under within our first class of , under
the title of offences against security Offences Personal Injuries against the persons if individuals (reckoning God as an individual), or under within
the fourth class, under the Title of High Treason. But
this account of the matter seems to be more however ingenious
than just. seems hardly to be just. not to be altogether

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