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C 5 Paederasty Inf

God's burning Sodom whether a sufficient warrant.
other reason, if in any other individual instance of the same sort of act
God does not punish it, there is no reason at all not so much the more
but so much the less reason for punishing it for punishing it. The circumstance of his not punishing
it in the latter instance proves as much that
it ought not to be punished in that case, as the
circumstance of his having punished it in the former
case proves that it was right to punish it in
that former case.

For these or other reasons it is an opinion that
seems to be spread more and more among divines of all
persuasions, that the miraculous and occasional dispensations
of an ord extraordinary providence afford
no fit measure rule to govern the ordinary and permanent settled
institutions of human legislators. If they were
simple fornication the offence of , murmuring against authority, sparing enemies taken in battle The offence of Korah Dathan and Abiram and their partizans: for which 15,000 of the people suffer'd death. Numb. Ch 16. and
making mock at old age The offence for which two and forty children were torn to pieces by Bears, at the intercession of Elijah. 2 Kings. ch.2. [not to mention these cases
only among a vast number, ought had need to be made
capital offences. If any man under the notion of
it's being agreeable to God, would do any act that
is prejudicial to society, (as every real punishment is
which is applied to an act not prejudicial or in
greater quantity than in proportion to the mischievousness
of it) he should produce a particular commission
from God given him in that individual instance.
If a man without a special commission from God
is to be justified in doing any act of violence violent act
that has ever been done by a special commission
from God, he a man might as well kill his
son - because God commissioned Abraham to kill

In matters of taste as well as in matters of duty religion belief men have never been wanting in their endeavours to find a [support [and] warrant for their [antipathy] impatience on the ground] under the head of duty. What more convenient than to make a duty and a merit of inclination, and to be forced & or to do & were paid for doing what we like? For being honoured is being paid. The interest which certain persons have found in forcing down men's throats certain articles of belief , does not destroy the parallel: for religious /not intolerance if it has been the craft of the few has been the fury of the many.

The term of [human] life is too short to need abridging; the same measure of human miseries and privations is too full copious to need replenishing augmenting without necessity and without reflection.

DECENCY & Utility If in In the Physician, the attention regard due to decency is acknowledged to be bounded by utility, there is not less reason why it should be so in the Statesman.

A man may shew himself virtuous with little self-denial, & severe with little danger in the condemnation of propensities which are not his own.

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