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6 C Inf. Paederasty

God's burning Sodom whether a sufficient warrant.
With regard to the offence in question if it had
been God's pleasure that it should be punished
throughout the earth with the punishment of fire,
it seems reasonable to conclude that he would at least
have provided for it's being punished in that manner
among his own people the Jews. But in the
Jewish Law it is only provided that such offenders
shall be "put to death" generally; just as several kinds
of incest and the offence of performing conjugal [exercise]
duty at an unreasonable conjuncture are to be punished.
As a proof that burning was not particularly intended
but rather was meant to be excluded, in the next verse a particular
kind of incest is mentioned, that of him who
has knowledge of a mother and her daughter: and
for this the punishment of burning to death is specially
provided approved. Levit. ch. 20.

2. Even with regard to the cities in question, it is
not said that this was the only one nor even the greatest
of the offences for which those cities were destroy'd
The offences imputed to them are in our the English translation termed
by the general names of "wickedness", Genesis ch. 18. & "iniquity", Ibid. ch. 19. v. 15. and
their conduct opposed to "righteousness". The Canaanites In this particular respect The Canaanites are
in question — the Canaan in in that which is deemed the most virtuous period of their history. Yet it appears not that this punishment was ever inflicted by heaven for such a cause upon the
antient Greeks.

3. True it is that the only offence of which in any
particular individual instance is mentioned as having been committed
by them in any on any individual instance is an
offence of a sort which appears to have originated
in the depraved appetite in question. It is not however

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