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10 C Inf. Paederasty

Mischief to population reparable by fine
If population were the only object, the mischief
that a rich bachelor did by giving him up to
unprolific venery might be amply repaired, by give
obliging him to give a marriage portion to two or three
couples who wait for nothing but a subsistence in order
to engage in marriage.

Athenians wanted but permission to marry two wives
When the Athenian commonwealth had undergone among the Athenians the number of the
a sudden depopulation people had received a dangerous reduction <add>been dangerously reduced by an unsuccessful
war, what was the step taken to repair it? All Permission
that was done was to permitt was given to every man that would chose it to take
two wives. This shews that it was plain enough at that
time of day there was no want of inclination on the
part of the male sex towards: and that there (was wanted nothing
wanting nothing) but permission to dispose a man to extend
his connections with the other sex female sex: And yet at the
time and among no people was the irregular appetite
in question more predominant.

How come Sratching & not to be held abominable?
It is wonderful that nobody has ever yet
fancied it to be sinful to scratch where it itches:
and that it has never been determined to be that
the only natural way of scratching is with one such or such finger,
and that it is unnatural to scratch with any
other. is in Russia the only orthodox way of making the sign of the cross is with five fingers and it is heterodox to make it with 3. In antient Persia it was infamous to
have a cold, and to take those measures which
nature dictates for relieving oneself from the inconvenience
of such an indisposition [a complaint]. Xenophon Cyropaedia Happily for the Persians

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