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C Paederasty

To what class of offences shall we refer those irregularities
of the venereal appetite ? which are [commonly] stiled
unnatural? When committed in private <add>hidden from the public eye</add> There could be no pretence for placing
them any where else: if they could they find a
place any where it would be here. I have been
tormenting myself for years to find if possible a
sufficient ground upon the for treating
them with the severity with which they are
treated at this time of day by all European nations:
but upon the principle of utility I can
find none.

Offences of impurity - their varieties.
The abominations that compose come under this head
have this property in common agree all of them in this respect, that they consist in
procuring certain sensations by means of an
improper object. The impropriety then may
consist either
1. In making use of an object of the proper species &
sex, but only an improper part. at an improper time, for instance after death.
2- of an object of the proper species and sex, and at a proper time, but in an improper part. 1.3 In making use of an object of the same proper species
but of the wrong sex. This is called Paederasty distinguished from the by
the name of Paederasty
34.- Of a wrong species.
45. In procuring the sensation by one's self, without
the assistance help of any other sensitive object.

Paederasty makes the greatest figure
The first second <add>third being</add> that which makes the most greatest figure
in the world it will be proper to give that
the principleal share in of our attention. In settling
the nature and tendency of this offence we shall
for the most part have settled the nature and tendency of all the other
offences that come under this disgusting catalogue.

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