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C Offences against one's Self. Paederasty

Whether they produce any primary mischief
1. As to the private any primary mischief, it is evident that it
produces no pain in any one. On the contrary
it produces pleasure; and that a pleasure which
by their perverted taste is by the supposition preferred
to that pleasure which is in general
reputed the greatest. The parties are both willing.
if either of them be unwilling, the offence act is not that
which we have here in view - it is an offence wholly
different in its nature & effects: it is a personal injury:
it is a kind of Rape.

2 As to Secondary mischief - whether they produce any alarm in the community
2. As to any public secondary mischief it produces not
any pain of apprehension. For what is there in
it for any body to be afraid of? By the supposition
those only are the objects of it who choose
to be so: who find a pleasure, for so it seems
they do, in being so.

3. Whether any danger
3. As to any danger, exclusive of pain the danger if any must
consist in the tendency of the example. But what is the tendency
of the example? to dispose them to
do engage in the same practise: but this practise
for any thing that has yet appeared produces
not pain of any kind to any one.

Reasons that have been commonly assigned
Hitherto we have found no reason for punishing
it at all: much less of for punishing it with
the degree of severity with which it has been commonly
punished. Let us see what (truth) force there is
in the reasons that have been commonly assigned
for punishing it.

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