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C Paederasty

against somebody's security — he does not say whose
security. This too needs no comment. As the Law
makes no distinction in its ordinances, so neither does
this lawyer or any other English lawyer in his comments
make any distinction in his comments between
this kind of filthiness when committed with the consent
of the patient and the same kind of filthiness
when committed against his consent and by
violence. it is just as if A man is reasonable to altogether a parallel case were a man were to make no distinction
between concubinage and rape.

Montesquieu intimates According to Montesquieu
it has a tendency to

Whether it debilitates — Montesquieu
The reason that Montesquieu gives for
reprobating it is that the weakness which he
seems to suppose it to have a tendency to bring
upon those who practice it. Esp. de. Loix L. XII Ch.6. Il faudroit le prescrire, quand il ne feroit que donner a un sexe les faiblesses de l'autre, & preparer a une vieillesse infame par une jeunesse hontaire. It ought to be proscribed were it only for its giving to the one sex the weaknesses of the other and paving the way through a scandalous by an ill-spent youth for an infamous old age. This is a reason of if it be true in fact
a very different complexion from any of the preceding:
As far as it is true in fact. and it is on the ground of this reason as being the most plausible one that I have ranked the offence under its present head. The act ought to
be regarded in the 1st place as an as coming within the list of offences against
one's self; of offences of imprudence: in the next
place as an public offence against the state; an
offence the tendency of which is to diminish the
[public force.] national wealth: that part <add>branch of it be not which in population.

Does it If however it tends to weaken a man, it is
not any single act that can in any sensible degree have that effect: it
must can only be the habit: the act will then become obnoxious
as evidencing the existence in probability
of the habit. This debilitatory enervatory tendency, be it what
it may, if it is to be taken as a ground for treating the

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