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C Paederasty

the practice in question with [a more greater degree of
severity than] a degree of severity which is not bestowed
upon the regular way of gratifying the
venereal appetite must be greater in the former
instance case than in the latter? Is it so? If the affirmative
can be shewn it must be either by arguments a priori drawn from considerations of physiological
from considerations, from considerations respecting the nature of the human frame, or else from
experience. Are there any such physiological
arguments from physiology? I never heard of any: I can think of none.

What says history -
What says historical experience? The result of
this can be measured only upon a large scale,
& upon a very general survey. Among the modern
nations it is comparatively but rare. among the
In modern Rome it is perhaps not very uncommon practised a little: in
Paris probably not quite so much common: in London
still less frequently: in Edingburgh or Amsterdam you scarce
hear of it two or three times in a Century. In
Athens and in antient Rome in the most flourishing
periods of the history of those capitals the
thing was it was so common that the regular intercourse between the sexes
was scarcely much more common so. It was upon
the same footing throughout Greece: every body practised
it; nobody was ashamed of it: They might
be ashamed of what they looked upon as an excess
in it: or they might be ashamed of it as a weakness,
as a propensity that was likely had a tendency to distract
men from more worthy and important occupations: just

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