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C Paederasty

Whether it debilitates
just as a man with us might be ashamed of excess
or weakness with in his love for women. It may In itself
one may be sure they were not ashamed of it.
upon somebody's taking notice of the care
he took to avoid taking any familiarities with
a young man youth who was looked passed for being handsome,
acknowledges it indeed but finds it upon what ground? not upon
the footin on account of the turpitude but the danger.
Xenophon in his retrial of the ten thousand
gives an anecdote of himself in which
he mentions himself as particularly addicted to this
practise, without seeming to entertain the least suspicion
that any apology was necessary. [The same
Xenophon in] In his account of Socrates's conversations
he introduces that Philosopher carousing or
rather making merry with a young man for his
attachment to the same practise: [ but upon what
ground?] But in what light does he consider it? as a weakness unbecoming
to a philosopher not as a turpitude or a crime
unbecoming to a man. You are sacrificing your independence
It is It is not because a person an object of the one sex
more than one of the other is improper game: but
on account of the time that must be spent, & the
humiliations submitted to in the pursuit.

It What is remarkable is that there is scarce a striking
character in antiquity, nor one that in other respects
men are in use to cite as virtuous, in of whom it
does not appear has not transpired <add>is not transmitted to us by one accident by one acci incident circumstance or another, that he

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