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C Paederasty

Whether it debilitates
he was addicted to infected with this inconceivable taste propensity. It makes
a conspicuous figure in the very opening of Thucydides's
history; and by an odd accident it was to the spirit
of two young men kindled and supported by
this passion that Athenis, according to that historian,
was stood indebted, on a trying occasion, for the recovery
of its' liberty. Aristides, The firmness
and spirit of the Theban band the band of lovers as it was called is famous in history;
and the principle by which the union among the
members of it is was commonly supposed to be cemented
is well known. Plutarch in vita Pelopidas. Esp. des loix L. 4. ch 8. Many moderns dispute the and
among others Mr Voltaire dispute the fact: but
it is because they be that intelligent writer philosopher in particular sufficiently intimates the the ground
of his incredulity: he if he does not believe it, it is
only because he likes not to believe it. What they the antients called
love in such a case was what we call Platonic;
that is, was not love but friendship. But the Greeks
knew the difference between love and friendship as well
as we; they had (two) distinct words terms to signify
them by: it seems reasonable therefore to suppose that
when they say love they mean love, & that when
they say friendship only they mean friendship only.
And with regard to Xenophon and his master Socrates
and his fellow-scholar Plato it seems more reasonable
to trust to believe them to have been addicted to
this task when they or any of them tell us so in
express terms, than to trust disbelieve it to the imaginations interpretations & of any
however ingenious and however well-intended, when those
of any men who write at this time of day - when
they tell us it was no such thing.

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