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Whether it debilitates
Themistocles Aristides Besides Ageri Not to insist upon
Agerilaus and Xenophon it appears by one circumstance
or another that Themistocles, Aristides, and perhaps the greatest part Epaminondas [Zu]
and perhaps the greatest part greater number of the most renouned warriors heroes
of Greece were infected with this taste. Not that
the Historians in at the pains of informing us so expressly,
(for it was not extraordinary enough to make
it worth their while) but it comes out without design collaterally
in the course of the transactions they have occasion
to relate.

It were hardly worth while after this to take up
much time in proving the same thing with regard to
the Romans. in naming particular distinguished persons of eminence whom history
has mentioned to as particular in this abomination
or in bringing passages to shew that the same depraved taste
was prominent prevailed generally among the people. Not to mention notorious
profligates such as the Antonies, the Clodius's,
the Pisos the Gabinius's of the Age Cicero, if we may
believe either his enemy Sallust, or his admirer Pliny
was carried away by the neither avoided this practise nor <add>thought to dissemble it was ashamed of it. Cicero
That magnificent <add>austere philosopher after writing books to prove that pain was no evil pleasure was as good
and that pain was no evil, and that virtue could
make a man happy upon the rack, this affectionate
husband after writing the tenderest letters to in the midst of all his tenderness for his
[wife] Terentia, could go and quarrel, play at blind-mans buff with his
his freedman Tyro about] for kisses, and make verses
upon this notable exploit of gallantry. With

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