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C Paederasty

Whether it debilitates.
With regard to the people in general it may be presumed
that if the Gods amused themselves in this way,
if Apollo loved Hyacinthus, if Hercules loved could be in a frenzy for the loss of Hylas
and the father of Gods and men could solace himself
with Ganimede it was neither an odious nor an infrequent thing for
mortal men to do so. The Gods we make, it has
been well and often said, we make always after
our own image. In times much more
to those of Cicero and in which according to the common
prejudice, when certain festivals were sup- the morals of the people are supposed
to have been proportionately more pure, when certain
festivals were suppressed on occasion account
of their giving furnishing opportunities to for debauchery, intrigues
irregularities of this of this irregular kind were found observed according to Livy
to be more abundant than those ordinary intrigues.
This circumstance would scarcely perhaps have been
thought worth mentioning had not the idea of excess
in this as it is apt to do on all occasions
struck the fine imagination of the Magistrate Historian as well
as of the Magistrate [whose vigilance he (relates) describes.
records.] of whose administration he is recording giving an account.

This much will probably be thought enough: if
the argument required more examples more proofs were
necessary, history provides enough it were easy to collect materials enough to make fill a
larg huge a tedious and a very disgusting volume.

It appears then that this propensity was universally
predominant among the military as much as any
The antient Greeks & Romans however are commonly reputed a

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