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10 C Offences against one's self - Paederasty

Whether it debilitates
a much stouter as well as a much braver people
than the stoutest and bravest of any of the modern
nations of Europe. They appear to have been stouter
at least in a very considerable degree than the
French in whom this propensity is not very common
and still more so than the Scotch in whom
it is still less common: and this although the church
even of Greece was great deal colder warmer and in that
respect more enervating than that of modern Scotland.
Either then the enervating effects if any of this
practise were much more than countrie
If then this practise was in those antient warm countries
attended with any enervating effects, they were much
more than counteracted by the superiority if any,
in the exertions which were then required by the military
education over and above those which are now called
forth by ordinary labour. But if there be any reason grounds
to conclude derived from history for attributing to it any such enervating effects
it is more than I can find.

Whether it enervates the patient more than the agent? Montesquieu.
Montesquieu however seems to take a distinction:
he seems to attribute suppose the enervating effects
to be exerted principally upon the person who is the patient in such
a business. This distinction does not seem very satisfactory
in any point of view. Is there any reason
for supposing it to be a fixed one? Between persons
of the same age, actuated by the same
incomprehensible desires would not the parts they took
in the business be convertible? would not the patient be

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