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11 Offences against one's Self - Paederasty

Whether the patient?
be the agent in his turn? If it were not so, the person
on whom he supposes those effects to be the greatest is
precisely the person with regard to on whom it is most difficult
to conceive whence those [effects] consequences should
result. In the one case there is exhaustion which
when carried to excess may be attended follow'd by debility:
in the other case there is no such thing.

What says History
In regard to this point too in particular,
what says History? As the two parts that a man
may take in this business are so easily naturally convertible
convertible, whether it be however frequently he may
have taken a passive part, it will not ordinarily
appear. [So But the few instances in which it does has
appear there does not appear any thing happened to transfer, I can find nothing that tends to favour
this hypothesis.] According In to the notions of the ancients
there was something degrading on the passive part
which there was not in the active. It was making a
man's self a property. It was ministring to the pleasure,
for so we are obliged to call it, of another, without
a participation; it was making one's a man's self the
property of another man, it was acting playing the woman's
part, it was therefore unmanly. Paedicabo vos & Antoni pelluce, & cinaede Tocare Caluttus. - fortu vite On the other hand
to take the active part, was to make use of another
for one's pleasure, it was making another man
one's property, it was preserving the manly the commanding character:
accordingly Solon in his laws forbids prohibits
slaves from bearing an active part, where the passive
was to be born by a freeman. In the few instances
in which we happen to hear of a person's
ing the passive part there is nothing to favour the

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