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C Offences against one's Self - Paederasty

Whether the patient?
The abovementioned [Montesquieu's] hypothesis. The beautiful
Alcibiades who in his youth says Cornelius
Nepos, after the manner of the Greeks was beloved by
many, was not remarkable either for weakness or
for cowardice: at least did not find
it so. The Curio's, Clodius when Cicero scoffs at for his
servile obsequiousness to the appetite of Curio
was one of the most daring and turbulent spirits in
all Rome. Julius Caesar notwithstanding the was looked upon
as a man of tolerable courage in his day, notwithstanding
the amusement he gave in the way complaisance he shew'd afforded in his youth to
the King of Nicomedes Bithynia Nocomedes.
Aristotle the inquisitive and observing Aristotle,
whose physiological observations speculations disquisitions are looked upon as
the best part some of the best of his works, Aristotle who if there
had been any thing in this notion had every opportunity
and inducement to [] notice [] and
confirm it, gives no intimation of any such thing.
On the contrary he says there are two sorts of men, the sits down very soberly to distribute the
male part of the species under two divisions classes: the
one class having an natural propensity he says to bear
a passive part in such a business, as the other
have to bear take an active part. Probl. Sect: 4. art. 27. The former of these propensities he attributes to a peculiarity of organization, analogous to that of women. The whole passage is abundantly obscure and shews in how imperfect the a state of anatomical knowledge was in his the time. This observation it
must be confessed is not very much more satisfactory than that
other of the same philosopher where he speaks of
two sorts of men the one born to be masters, the
other to be slaves. If however there had appeared any
reason for supposing this practise either with regard
to the passive or the active part of it, to have
had the effect any remarkable [] effects in
the way of debilitation upon those who were addicted
to it, he would have hardly said so much in

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