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C Offences Paederasty

Whether it hurts population?
as is necessary for keeping up the numbers of mankind
upon their present footing is a notion that
for nothing that I can find to warrant in history
stands warranted by nothing that I can find from in history.
To consider the matter a priori Consult Mr Hume and Dr Linelli we shall
find that it is not the strength of the profanity inclination
of the one sex for in intercourse with the other the other that
is the measure of the numbers of mankind, but
the quantity of subsistence which they can find is upon
a given spot. With regard to the mere object of procreation
population, if we consider the time of gestation in the
female sex we shall find that much less than a
hundredth part of the vigour activity a man is capable of
exerting in this way, is sufficient to produce all the effect that
can be produced by ever so much more. The Population
[The numbers of the species] therefore can not
suffer till the inclination of men the male sex for the female be considerably
less than a hundredth part as strong as for their
own. Is there the least probability that should ever
be the case? I must confess I see not any thing
that should lead us to suppose it. Before this can happen The physiology nature
of the human frame composition must be altogether changed receive a total change,
and that propensity which is commonly regarded as
the only one of the two that is natural, must have
become altogether an unnatural one.

I have already intimated observed that there I can find
nothing in history to countenance the notion I am
examining. On the contrary the country in which
this practise was most the prevalence of this practise [happens

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