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C Paederasty

Whether it hurts population?
-pens to have been] is most conspicuous happens to have
been remarkable for its populousness. The bent of popular
prejudice has been to exaggerate this populousness:
but after all deductions made still it
will appear to have been remarkable. It was such
as notwithstanding the drain of continual wars, where in
the whole surface was fraction a country is parcelled out among <add>into paltry states as to be
all of it frontier, as gave occasion to the continual
necessity of emigration.

This reason however well grounded so ever it were in
itself could not with any degree of consistency be
urged in a country where any encouragement was celibacy was permitted,
given to celibacy a state much less where it was encouraged. The proposition which (as will be shewn more fully by and by) is not at all
true with respect to paederasty, I mean that were it
to prevail universally it would put an end to the
human race, is most evidently and strictly true
with regard to celibacy. If then merely and for
out of regard to [for the sake of] population it
were right that paederasts should be burnt alive,
Monks ought to be roasted alive by a slow fire. If
a Paederast according to the Cano monkish canon of Bermondus
destroys the whole human race, Bermondus destroy'd it I a thousan don't know how many thousand times over. If there The crime of Bermondus is I don't know how many times worse than Paederasty

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