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16 C Offences against one's Self - Paederasty

Whether it hurts population?
That there should be the least colour for supposing [attributing to this practise] supposing of this practise that in any situation of things whatever the least possible tendency
to favour population is what nobody I suppose
would easily have suspected: since however we are embarked in this discussion it is fit however that
every thing that can contribute to our forming a right
judgment on the question should be mentioned.
In many great towns Women who Promiscuous embraces Women who submit
to promiscuous embraces are have the effect of rendering women almost universally
proli unprolific. In all great towns a
great multitude of women will always be in this
case. In Paris for instance the number of
these women has been computed to amount to
at least 10,000. Pornographe. These women had no were no more
than a certain quantity of prolific vigour
to be applied to them might all of them be
have as good a chance stand in as good a way of being prolific as other
women: they would have indeed rather a better chance
since the women who are came to be reduced to the necessity
of embracing this profession are always those who
by their beauty are more apt than an equal number
of women taken at random to engage the attention
of the other sex. If then all the vigour that is
over and above this quantity were to be diverted into
another channel, it is evident that in the case above
supposed the state would be a gainer to the amount
of all the population that could be expected from
40,000 women; and in proportion as any woman
was less prolific by a proportio the diverting of any part of this superfluous

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