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18 C Paederasty

Whether it robs women
A more serious [objection to] imputation It has been observed as one reason for punishing
this practise, that the effect of it is to produce in
the male sex an indifference to the female, and thereby
defraud the latter of their rights. This as far as it
holds good in point of fact is in truth a serious
imputation. The interests of the female part of the
species claim just as much attention [as], and not a
whit more, on the part of the Legislator, as those
of the male. A complaint of this sort, it is
true would not come with a very good grace, from
a modest woman; but should the woman be stopped
from making complaint in such a case it is the business of the man to make
it for them. This then as far as it holds good in
point of fact is in truth a very serious imputation:
how far it does it will be proper to enquire.

In the first place the female sex is always
able and commonly disposed to receive a greater
quantity of amourous venereal tribute than the male sex is
able to bestow. If then the state of manners were be
such in any country as left the exertion of this faculty
entirely unrestrained, it is evident that (except
in particular cases when no object of the female
sex happened to be within reach) any effort of this
kind that was exerted by male upon male,
would be so much lost to the community of females.
Upon this footing the business of venereal enjoyment
seems actually to stand in some few parts of the
world, for instance at Otaheite. It seems therefore that

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